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Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) Classroom Trainer TK0-202*

Worldwide recognised vendor-neutral Train the Trainer certification - recognised by Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco and many others.

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Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) Classroom Trainer TK0-202 Events

Our public scheduled CTT+ Classroom Trainer events are typically delivered in:

  • Central London
  • Central Sheffield - nearest main airport: Manchester 1 hour transfer. Low Cost Hotel Accommodation (scroll down for more information)

Onsite courses are available at your location as single-company events.

CTT+ Classroom Trainer TK0-202 UK Public Schedule

Date (DMY) *1DurationLocationQA Fee*Fee - Discounts Available
06/06/2022 2 Days Central London N/A £1295 Book Now »
05/09/2022 2 Days Central London N/A £1295 Book Now »
*1 Event Start 9:00 | End 17:00. Time Zone Information: UK Local Time unless Time Zone indicated for event. Part-time sessions typically 3 hours duration
Symbols: W/E = Weekend Course MORN = Morning Session AFT = Afternoon Session EVE = Evening Session

* QA pricing from their website 05/01/2022. QA class sizes up to 16 possibly mixed Virtual and In-Person attendees on the same event. Prices INCLUDE VAT.

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Which Location to Choose

Both Central London and Central Sheffield are accessible from around the world. London hotel accommodation can be expensive at times so please consider our Sheffield events also if you're travelling for the CTT+.

The CTT+ Virtual Classroom Trainer certification is also available - see the links above for TK0-203.

CTT+ Course Introduction - TK0-202*

Achieve your next career step by attaining this most sought after trainer certification!

Over twenty years of successful delivery to a truly worldwide audience with a 100% pass rate for video submissions!

Once you've completed this extremely successful workshop you'll have been immersed in an in-depth classroom training experience that will equip you with the knowledge and skills to successfully present training and presentation sessions whether purely technical in nature or for business, management or sales. In addition you'll have learnt and be practiced in the CompTIA CTT+ model which covers the entire envelope of professional training engagements. During the course a 'Performance Assessment' (video) will be created in accordance with the learner's best effort regarding CompTIA's criteria. The process has proven itself time and again to be extremely successful and our workshop has excelled in comparison to any other cited - some providers achieve as low as 50% compared to our 100% success rate for many hundreds of attendees!

As a trainer, key skills include being versatile and imaginative and the workshop will build these. Our CompTIA CTT+ Course venues represent those prevalent in quality learning centres and as part of the role of a trainer, whether freelance or corporate, travel is a common occurrence. We are happy to help you with all travel and accommodation allowing you to concentrate on developing your training skills!

Events have been provided for numerous organisations including the following: Adobe (UK); Microsoft (Denmark); Motorola (UK); Skype (Estonia); TwoFour54 (Abu Dhabi).

The CTT+ (formerly CTT) certificate is a cross-industry credential providing recognition that an instructor has attained a standard of excellence in the training industry. Assessment is via a computer based examination initially followed by a video submission. Once success has been attained in the examination, the delegate's video submission can be made along with the appropriate paperwork.

The course is ideal for developing your own or your team's technical presentation skills, irrespective of pursuing certification.

The CTT+ Classroom Trainer Certification provides the instructional skills requirement for:

  • Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)
  • Certified Novell Instructor (CNI)
  • Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI)

We provide a three day public instructor-led workshop and alternatively a two day blended workshop with one-to-one virtual classroom session for each attendee followed by two days, including some weekends, in an actual classroom. Our CTT+ Course London, as an example location, is hosted by a highly experienced CTT+ and MCT trainer and includes the production of the video in accordance with CompTIA's requirements. Some time prior to the course, for example our CompTIA CTT+ Sheffield Training, we will discuss with you the possibilities of your presentation. This needs to be viable though we are very open to your choice of content. Previous delegates have chosen Digital Camera Technology, Operating Systems, DreamWeaver, Microsoft Access and Laser Printing Technology amongst many others. This highly successful 'train the trainer' course is unique. The workshop format quickly builds the delegate's experience and utilises CompTIA source materials. Additionally we provide the necessary guidance to the CompTIA CTT+ certification process, helping you to approach the examination and related paperwork successfully.

Onsite courses are available to give organisation's further flexibility. Simply contact us to discuss your requirements.

Please note the course dates fill quickly and are strictly limited to SIX learners for the three day delivery and FOUR learners (with a one-to-one live pre-course session) for the two day delivery to ensure absolute quality. This will give each learner the opportunity within the given time to work with a group representative of a commercial training event.

* TK0-201 Essentials content is covered during the training along with TK0-202 Classroom Trainer content.

CTT+ Certification and Related Examinations

There are two designations for the CompTIA CTT+. The first is the 'Classroom Trainer - TK0-202', covered on this course and the second is the 'Virtual Classroom Trainer - TK0-203'.

Virtual Classroom - Learn more »

Both designations require a thorough understanding of the CTT+ Domain Model and its application in a learning environment. The TK0-201 Essentials exam is therefore the prerequisite for both designations. We cover the TK0-201 Essentials content during both courses.

NB Virtual Classrooms require a very high level of concentration on the part of the trainer and the skills learned in a conventional classroom environment help greatly when successfully delivering in a virtual environment with its high feedback requirements and shortened learner attention span.


The ability to communicate clearly and efficiently has never been more pertinent. The key instructional skills introduced and developed during the course are applicable in any industry, IT just being one example, and the CTT+ has worldwide recognition.

The technical aspect of the Certified Technical Trainer has a very broad definition as the key emphasis is on the preparation and delivery of learning, with the goal of effective knowledge transfer and retention making the CTT+ relevant to almost any environment where knowledge is transferred.

We're more than happy to discuss how the CTT+ will work for you - simply contact us for an informal conversation.

Example of Previous Audiences

Attendees who have benefitted include:

  • Project Managers - communication skills are vital in any project environment whether IT, Business Change, Construction, etc.
  • Sales Engineers - selling to a client's technical audience is often a challenge and requires key skills
  • Business Analysts - clear communication with Product Owners and Developers brings dividends
  • IT Trainers - the CTT+ is the worldwide recognised certification and subscribed to by Microsoft, Adobe, Ricoh, Philips, Esri and many others
  • DevOps - communication, collaboration, cooperation between developers and other professionals are key

At Course Completion

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand and Apply the CTT+ Certification Domain Model
  • Facilitate Technical Training Courses
  • Provide a 'Performance Assessment' (Video) Submission to CompTIA

The course covers the TK0-210 Essentials and TK0-202 Classroom Trainer exam objectives, helping the learner prepare for both. We also cover some of the TK0-203 Virtual Classroom Trainer exam objectives. Contact us to discuss the course objectives.


The course is about the organisation, preparation and delivery of training and also preparing for the CTT+ Certification.

The only prerequisites are an interest in becoming a trainer and having English at or above Business English.

There is no requirement for the learner to have previous experience delivering training.

Please contact us for further information.

CTT+ Course Materials

During the course we utilise a comprehensive set of materials including those from CompTIA.

Depending upon the learner's choice of presentation we also use IT along with classroom media such as FlipCharts, Dry-Erase Boards, Handouts, Slideware etc.

NB The student's Performance Assessment Video is recorded during the training event.

Course Outline

The public course duration is typically two days - for onsite courses this may be varied. The initial period consists of presentations and workshops aimed at building the delegate's confidence and skills. This highly practical training covers the core requirements of the five CTT+ 'domains' which in turn contain the twelve instructional competencies.

During the above process, refinement of the delegate's individually chosen presentation to meet the CTT+ requirements, takes place. Help is provided as necessary in the final production of any PowerPoint presentation and with the usage of appropriate media for the delivery.

NB We record a video, in accordance with CompTIA's requirements, of the learner's classroom delivery during the training event.

Lessons and Activities

  • 1.0 Planning Prior to the Course
  • 2.0 Methods and Media for Instructional Delivery
  • 3.0 Instructor Credibility and Communications
  • 4.0 Group Facilitation
  • 5.0 Evaluate the Training Event
  • Record the learner's Performance Assessment Video
  • CompTIA Submission Paperwork

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