Practical C++ Programming Course Sheffield Classroom

Practical C++ Programming Course in Central Sheffield

Learn practical C++ (C-Plus-Plus) programming skills in Central Sheffield

Gain practical C++ skills - attend this Central Sheffield course

This Central Sheffield course will provide you with the core C++ knowledge and skills required to help you to maintain and develop applications and services.

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Practical C++ Programming Sheffield Course Introduction

C++ skills are in high demand. This practical workshop delivered by our highly experienced CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) trainer with industry experience creating commercial grade solutions in C, C++, Assembler and C# will efficiently help you to understand and apply C++ in your projects.

During the course the core concepts of C++ are introduced along with the principles of Object Orientated Programming (OOP). Particular emphasis is placed on robust design which is key in the development of efficient and maintainable applications.

At TrainX we encourage you to speak with our trainer directly before booking your course with us. We have developed this C++ Workshop to cover the requirements of numerous customers including the NHS, banks, software houses and engineering companies. Simply contact us to arrange a one-to-one overview of the course.

Certification and Related Examinations

The course is designed to provide practical concepts and skills for C++ and as such this will help build skills for certification programs without covering the breadth of any particular certification.


The audience for this C++ programming Sheffield course includes anyone who is IT literate who has a requirement to quickly gain key skills in C++. This includes anyone developing or maintaining application and middle-tier code and for a whole host of related development subjects including Web Services and Business Components. Games developers using solutions such as Unity or Unreal will benefit from having C++ skills.

Contact us for an informal chat about the value of learning C++ programming.

At Course Completion

This course concisely covers the essentials of the C++ programming language within Microsoft's Visual Studio development environment with a focus on the following:

  • Understand the Key Concepts and Syntax of C++
  • Understand the Basic Principles of Object Orientated Programming in C++
  • Create and Maintain Object Orientated Code including Classes and Inheritance
  • Make Use of Container Classes and Templates
  • Make Use of Algorithms
  • Develop Robust, Efficient Code that meets Best Practice

Contact us to discuss the course objectives.


This C++ programming Sheffield course requires the attendee to have a high level of IT literacy along with Business English but otherwise introduces C++ from the ground-up. Ideally, some background in programming will be helpful though this is not essential. We recommend speaking with our trainer first to discuss your requirements.

Please contact us for further information and an informal discussion about how C++ programming skills will be of use to you.

Course Materials

Materials include courseware, hands-on learning environment and related subject matter.

C++ Programming Sheffield Course: Key Learning Objectives

  • Introduction to C++
    • Basic Syntax
    • Anatamy of a C++ Program - including Directives, Header and Source Files
    • Statements and Expressions
    • Identifiers
    • Defining Variables
    • Pointers and References
    • Best Practice: Naming Conventions
    • Scope and Namespaces
  • Flow Control
    • Conditionals
    • Switch Statement
    • Loops (while, for, do-while)
  • Data Types
    • Overview of Data Types
    • Integer Types
    • Floating Point Types
    • Using auto
    • Qualifiers including constant and static
    • Type Aliases: using keyword
    • Arrays: Primitive (C-array)
    • C-strings
  • Operators
    • Common Operators and Compound Assignment Operators
    • Operator Precedence
  • Functions
    • Overview of Functions
    • Main Function
    • Passing Arguments by Value and by Reference
    • Returning Values from a Function
  • Structures
    • Overview of Structures
    • Application of Structures
  • Object Orientated Programming (OOP) Overview
    • OOP Concepts and Terminology including Polymorphism, Inheritance, Composition and Aggregation
  • Classes and Objects
    • Data Members
    • Function Members
    • Constructors and Destructors
    • Resource Acquisition Is Initialization (RAII)
    • Operator Overloads
    • Non-member Operators and Overloading
  • Exception Handling
    • Practical Exception Handling using try, catch and throw
  • Templates
    • Generic Programming Overview
    • Template Functions
    • Template Classes
  • Standard Template Library (STL)
    • Overview of the STL
    • Transformations including Transforms, Lambda and Binary
    • STL Functions including Arithmetic, Relational and Logical Functors
    • STL Algorithm including Testing, Searching, Replacing and Sorting
  • Intermediate and Advanced Topics
    • Operator Overloading including Nonmember Operators
    • Move Semantics including lvalues and rvalues
    • The Copy and Swap Idiom
  • Lambda Expressions
    • Lambda Overview (Stored Anonymous Functions)
    • Lambda Syntax
    • Closures
    • Algorithm Predicates
  • Optionals and Variants
    • Introduction to the Optional, Any and Variant Classes
  • Concurrency Overview
    • Introduction to Sleeping, Threads, Asynchronous Functions
  • Productivity and Efficiency
    • Initialisation (Type-Safe)
    • Structured Bindings
    • Chrono Library
    • Filesystem Library
  • Key C++ 20 Features (Optional Content)
    • Format Library
    • Comparison Operator
    • Integer Comparisons (Type-Safe)
    • The Span Class
  • Discussion Examples (Optional Content)
    • Utilising a JSON Webservice
    • Basic SQL Database Access
    • Create a Simple Windows Application

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