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AgilePM® Evening Course | AgilePM® Night Class Online Virtual

Learn Agile PM - the fastest growing Agile Project Management methodology that can adapt to all types of project

Scroll down for AgilePM® 'Attend from Anywhere' virtual live evening courses:

  • AgilePM Combined Foundation and Practitioner
  • AgilePM Foundation
  • AgilePM Practitioner

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NB The AgilePM Evening Virtual Course is similar in structure with the Foundation evening course presented in the first set of sessions and the Practitioner evening course over the second set. We'll have a blog article available presently.

The course consists of a short series of live weekly sessions covering intially the AgilePM Foundation Syllabus enabling you to study on a manageable schedule. A later set of sessions cover the AgilePM Practitioner Syllabus allowing you to complete both levels, enhancing your CV and career prospects.

Our classes are small, capped at eight attendees and designed to support you through your study. A small amount of 'homework' is required between the sessions and guidance and supporting material is made available to make sure your learning is effective.

What Equipment Do I Need?

You'll need a PC or Mac with a reasonable internet connection. We'll provide a simple connectivity test before confirming the booking. You'll also need a headset with microphone such as Microsoft LT-3000, simply ask us about this.

AgilePM® Evening Foundation Course | Online 'Live Class' | 'Attend from Anywhere' AgilePM®

The AgilePM Foundation Evening Course is aligned with the Foundation level syllabus and is delivered over five sessions of a maximum of three hours duration each.

You'll receive all the study materials including; authorised courseware, AgilePM® Manual, practise exam, actual Foundation Exam (taken online), certificate and authorised instruction by our highly experienced APMG AgilePM® trainer.

We realise that any training is an investment in money and time and so our trainer is available prior to your booking to discuss the course, its delivery and its benefits to you.

What if I Can't Attend all the Sessions?

Should you not be able to make a particular week (generally Tuesday evenings), contact our trainer who will make an edited recording of the particular session available for you and where possible, will organise a short online session to orientate you with the learning you've missed to get you back on track with the course.

AgilePM® Foundation Evening Course Session Times

Session (Total 5)DateStart & End Times
(BST UTC+0100)
Foundation Part 105/06/2018 (Tuesday)18:30 -> 21.30
Foundation Part 212/06/2018 (Tuesday)18:30 -> 21.30
Foundation Part 319/06/2018 (Tuesday)18:30 -> 21.30
Foundation Part 426/06/2018 (Tuesday)18:30 -> 21.30
Foundation Part 503/07/2018 (Tuesday)18:30 -> 21.30

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How Much Will It Cost? NB: Offer Available

Agile Foundation courses can be a 'commodity' and are available from a number of authorised providers. Generally they'll be sold to businesses and won't include VAT and will have up to sixteen (sometimes more) attendees.

Our prices are FULLY INCLUSIVE: with reductions on our usual already low fee for the AgilePM Foundation Evening Course. Offers are time limited (or before, when all the places are filled) with a cap of just 8 attendees - we encourage you to take advantage of this and gain your AgilePM certification.

AgilePM® Practitioner Evening Course Session Times

Session (Total 4)DateStart & End Times
(BST UTC+0100)
Practitioner Part 104/09/2018 (Tuesday)18:30 -> 21.30
Practitioner Part 211/09/2018 (Tuesday)18:30 -> 21.30
Practitioner Part 318/09/2018 (Tuesday)18:30 -> 21.30
Practitioner Part 425/09/2018 (Tuesday)18:30 -> 21.30

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How Much Will It Cost? NB: Offer Available

Our prices are FULLY INCLUSIVE: with reductions on our usual already low fee for the AgilePM Practitioner Evening Course. Offers are time limited (or before, when all the places are filled) with a cap of just 8 attendees - we encourage you to take advantage of this and gain your AgilePM certification.

AgilePM® - Suit Your Schedule

TrainX have a comprehensive set of training options:

  • Attend in Person
    • Weekday | Part-Time | Weekend | Blended*
    • Onsite - UK & EU & Middle East
  • Attend from Anywhere

    True Virtual Classroom with Remote Attendees only

    • Weekday | Part-Time | Weekend | Blended*
    • Single Company - UK & EU & Middle East
  • Self-Paced | Blended*
    • Weekday | Weekend
    • Onsite - UK & EU & Middle East

* Blended options include a physically attended session, typically for Practitioner & to sit exams.

AgilePM Evening Course Introduction

Take this excellent opportunity to gain or formalise your agile project management skills by taking our AgilePM Evening Course.

Note: This course is purely for online attendees - we don't have Remote and In-Person attendees on public courses as online and classroom training have widely differing instructional and timing requirements for optimal learning.

AgilePM Night Class: Adopt a practical and repeatable methodology that achieves an ideal balance between the standards, rigour and visibility required for good project management, and the fast-pace, change and empowerment provided by Agile.

This AgilePM instructor-led virtual evening training course maps to the AgilePM Syllabus - helping you to prepare for the exams. Learners gain the knowledge and skills at AgilePM Foundation level and for those attending the extended session, Practitioner level also. Learners will be provided with focused pre-study materials which need to be completed before the course. Some evening study will be required during the course to assist in preparation for the exam(s) and to keep in step with the class.

Here are some key features of our AgilePM Evening 'Attend from Anywhere' Course to compare and contrast with other providers:

  • 100% Pass Rate for our In-House Trainer
  • Trainer available to contact and discuss the course prior to you booking
  • Maximum of 8 Attendees
  • Full Featured Virtual Learning Environment
  • Simple Technical Requirements - Tested in Advance of the Course
  • High Quality Headset Provided
  • Physical Materials Posted to You Prior to the Event
  • Course Timings Designed for Pure Virtual Training

AgilePM Certification and Related Examinations

There are two levels of exam: Foundation and Practitioner.

Agile Project Management (AgilePM®)

The world’s leading framework and certification for Agile Project Management (Website): AgilePM® Project Management Certifications

The AgilePM Foundation Night Class covers the Foundation level syllabus over five sessions with some guided self-study required. The exam is taken online in the days following the last session. Your instructor will help you to organise this.

For AgilePM Practitioner Night Class covers the Practitioner level syllabus over four sessions and the Foundation certification is a prerequisite. For someone requiring both Foundation and Practitioner the training can either be relatively 'back to back' or with several weeks gap between as long as the learner maintains their knowledge.

The exam is generally taken online at the learner's convenience once study is complete. We also provide physically attended exam sessions as these allow the candidate to have the physical paperwork in front of them which may suit some people's approach.

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AgilePM Evening Course Audience

This AgilePM Evening Course is for anyone involved, or planning to be involved, at any level within a project environment. This includes current and aspiring project managers or professionals who manage projects.

Attending this live online AgilePM training event has multiple advantages including convenient evening session times, no travel, no accommodation costs, no time away from work and more time to review and practise AgilePM.

The audience includes career changers, new entrants and those involved in the design, development and delivery of projects such as:

  • Practising project managers
  • Agile team members including those looking to become Agile Project Managers
  • Individuals pursuing the AgilePM Practitioner Certificate
  • Holders of management roles within organisations with active or planned projects and programmes
  • Other roles related to the management, implementation or monitoring of projects - contact us for an informal discussion

At Course Completion

After completing AgilePM Foundation Evening Course, attendees will understand:

  • The underpinning philosophy and principles of Agile
  • The lifecycle of an Agile project, including alternative configurations
  • The products produced during an Agile project and their purpose
  • The techniques used and their benefits and limitations
  • The roles and responsibilities within an Agile project

Once the AgilePM Practitioner Evening Course is completed, attendees will understand:

  • How to apply a variety of Agile practices in a project, e.g. Facilitated workshops, MoSCoW prioritisation, Iterative Development and Modelling
  • How to test, estimate and evaluate benefits delivery in an Agile project
  • The mechanisms for facilitation and support within an Agile project
  • The Agile approach to managing and prioritising requirements

For the virtual courses, learners typically sit the exams after completing the training. We can help organise online examinations as part of the training package.

AgilePM Exam Details »


The Agile Evening Project Management Course utilises the latest in virtual classroom technology. You'll simply need a PC or Mac and internet connectivity. Other devices are possible - please contact us to discuss. See the 'Materials' tab for details.

There are no prerequisites for the Evening AgilePM Foundation Course other than English at 'Business Level'.

To attend the Evening AgilePM Practitioner Course you'll need to be fluent in AgilePM at Foundation level.

To sit the Practitioner Examination you'll need one of:

  • AgilePM Foundation Certificate
  • DSDM Atern Foundation Certificate
  • DSDM Advanced Practitioner Certificate

AgilePM Evening Course Materials

We provide all the required learning materials for your course and these typically include:

  • Agile Project Management Handbook v2.0
  • Comprehensive Accredited Courseware and On-line Resources
  • Microsoft approved USB headset - we arrange a technical test with you prior to the course
  • Pre-reading Guidance
  • AgilePM Practice Examination(s)
  • AgilePM Foundation Examination - for Foundation Course
  • AgilePM Practitioner Examination - for Practitioner Course

Additionally you'll need either a PC or a Mac with internet access. Please review the full technical requirements at the address below:

  • - use the Citrix's test to confirm your technical set-up. Contact us for further information

Course Outline - Foundation 5 Sessions | Practitioner 4 Sessions

The delivery is instructor-led and purposefully created to ensure the AgilePM Exam Syllabus is covered efficiently over a number of evenings using session timings optimised for real-time virtual learning.

Your APMG approved AgilePM Trainer, with practical experience of project management, utilises:

  • Approved Courseware
  • Modern Learner-centered Instructional Techniques - CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer Certified (CTT+) practices are utilised
  • A Market-leading Virtual Classroom Environment
  • Multiple Examples using Rich Media
  • Short, Focused Presentations
  • Guided Discussions - with Your Examples
  • Timely Hands-On Exercises with Immediate Feedback
  • Official Practice Papers
  • Official Examination(s)
  • Minimum and Guided Pre-Reading and Evening Work

The above help build your AgilePM knowledge and skills quickly over a number of evenings. This will prepare you for the exams and also your future in project management. A pre-event preparation pack will be sent to everyone attending this event. The course is built around the AgilePM syllabus and features an interesting case study and relevant examples to illustrate the AgilePM method and help learners understand its concepts.

AgilePM Evening Foundation Course - Five Sessions

Initially there's an overview of AgilePM including a review of the pre-reading which covers the high level concepts and terminology of AgilePM.

The course then continues in a series of highly interactive sessions covering the entire AgilePM Foundation Syllabus which includes the core principles, concepts and processes.

Learning is optimised for an evening virtual classroom and incorporates multiple delivery methods and appropriate intermissions for comfort and knowledge retention.

Optimal consolidation activities are included during the sessions. Review activities and a minimum of evening work are required during the training engagement.

Lessons and Activities

The learning approach is iterative and designed to build the attendee's knowledge and understanding of AgilePM. Over the course the following areas are covered:

  • Minimum Pre-Reading - completed prior to attending
  • Introduction
  • Overview of AgilePM (DSDM) and its Benefits
  • The below are discussed iteratively in multiple project context examples with exercises:
    • The Underpinning Philosophy and Principles of Agile
    • The Lifecycle of an Agile Project
    • The Products produced during an Agile Project
    • The Techniques used and their Benefits and Limitations
    • The Roles and Responsibilities within an Agile Project
  • AgilePM Project Walkthrough
  • Examination Strategy
  • Feedback on the Practice (Mock) Exam
  • Course Summary and Close

AgilePM Evening Practitioner Course - Four Sessions

The AgilePM Evening Live Online Class consists of a series of highly interactive sessions based on the entire AgilePM Practitioner Syllabus. You'll gain knowledge and understanding of how to apply and tailor the method appropriately for a range of different project environments and scenarios.

Learning is optimised for an evening virtual classroom and incorporates multiple delivery methods with appropriate intermissions for comfort and knowledge retention.

Optimal consolidation activities are included during the sessions. Review activities and a minimum of evening work are required during the training engagement.

NB The course assumes that the learner has fluent Foundation level knowledge and skills at the outset.

Lessons and Activities

  • Minimum Pre-Reading - completed prior to attending
  • Introduction
  • Overview of Practitioner Level
  • The below are discussed iteratively in multiple project context examples with exercises:
    • Applying the Underpinning Philosophy and Principles of DSDM in a Project Situation
    • Configuring the Lifecycle of an Agile Project
    • Producing and Evaluating the content of Agile Products
    • Applying Agile Techniques in a project situation: Facilitated Workshops; MoSCoW Prioritisation; Iterative Development; Modelling; Timeboxing
    • Identifying the Agile Techniques to be used for a given situation
    • Understanding the Roles and Responsibilities within an Agile Project
    • Understanding the specific Mechanisms for Control of an Agile Project
    • Understanding, in outline, how to test, estimate and measure progress in an Agile project
    • Describe the Agile Approach to Managing Requirements
  • Practitioner Examination Technique - Structure and Best Approach
  • Practise Questions and Feedback
  • Course Summary and Close

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