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COVID-19 Notice

First and foremost we hope that you and your family are and remain safe and well.

Note of Appreciation

It's clearly a difficult period though by taking care of ourselves and with the fabulous and unselfish efforts made by all of the medical professionals and their colleagues the world over there is every chance that normality will return in good time.

We very much appreciate having been lucky enough to work over many years with the UK's NHS and the multitude of often forgotten suppliers that contribute to their success and look forward to doing so in the future.

Comparison of Live Virtual Classrooms and In-Person Classrooms

TrainX only provide purely 'Live Virtual' or 'In-Person' classrooms and have never mixed the modalities. Essentially the instructor is forced to multitask between the two audiences and compromise the event.

Our standard upper class-size for 'Virtual Classrooms' is 8 Attendees though while COVID-19 remains an issue we're reducing this to 6 attendees. Our aim of keeping the training hours as efficient as possible makes sense for us all. We're also keeping our already highly competitive fees as low as possible with discounts in place - simply put: on the balance, virtual training costs less to deliver. At this point many providers will still have to cover their 'bricks and mortar' costs and may have to pass these on.

Key Features of Virtual vs In-Person Training

Delivering training is a complex process and requires a great deal of skill. The table below provides some of the criteria to consider:

Virtual ClassroomIn-Person Classroom
Course StructureExplicitRelatively Implicit
Media Cycle (Attention Span)3 Minutes7 Minutes
Instructional ToolsScreen Sharing, Chat, Polls, Emoticons, etc.Wide variety of classroom techniques, subtle observations, etc.
Body LanguageReduced visbilityNuanced
Session Duration / ConstraintsConvenient access favours study/work balance and flexible or part time sessionsTravel commitments favour full day study

Classroom Best Practice

Both delivery methods have their unique advantageous and 'Best Practice' for each means that classrooms shouldn't be a mix of 'In-Person' and 'Virtual' attendees. Many of the high-volume providers run events with eight 'In-Person' and eight 'Virtual' attendees and charge the same fee despite differing fixed costs. Metrics show that mixing the modalities increases event duration by 25% at a minimum and is a compromise for both learner audiences and a win for the provider's sales figures.

TrainX Business and Family-friendly Scheduling

Rather than simply moving our events online our schedule has been revised to include further events with formats and timings that make best use of 'Virtual Classroom' technology. We're adding further events on a frequent basis so please subscribe now (below) or contact us for the latest listings. We've adapted the timings and approach to our delivery to suit virtual classroom 'Best Practice' - virtual training has different criteria than traditional classroom practice. To help you balance your time we're also providing 'Learner Friendly' timings:

TrainX have delivered successful live virtual training for many years including a worldwide recognised 'Virtual Classroom Trainer' certification: we utilise this approach for our own events.

For Technology and 'Best Practice' Briefings, simply contact us by email or phone to arrange your attendance.

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