Microsoft Visual Studio Courses

Learn C# (C-Sharp), C++ (C Plus-Plus) and Python utilising the latest in classroom and virtual learning

Microsoft Visual Studio Training Overview

Gain in-demand Microsoft Visual Studio programming skills by attending TrainX's effective and low-cost training courses. We provide training for numerous organisations including the NHS, Department of Justice, Jet2, Babcock International, University of Suffolk, UK Power Networks, Protector Insurance and many, many more. We also provide SQL courses for individuals and for single-organisations - often as onsite events.

Microsoft Visual Studio, along with Visual Studio Code, is the world's most downloaded Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and Visual Studio skills are in high demand. TrainX's courses are developed to cover the core skills requirements for developers and analysts. Key subjects include C# and C++ object-orientated programming (OOP) languages.

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Topics ADDED FREQUENTLY include: Agile | PRINCE2 | .NET / C# | SQL | Train the Trainer

TrainX have over 10 years experience providing classroom and virtual courses for Microsoft Visual Studio.

Practical C# Programming

Learn C# - a modern, object-orientated and type-safe programming language. Suitable for relative beginners and intermediate-level attendees

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Practical C++ Programming

Learn C++ - a powerful object-orientated language. Used in system software, game development and high-performance applications

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