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Not having the following skills may mean that you're getting left behind:

  • AgilePM® Agile Project Management - Fastest Growing UK Project Management Qualification
  • PRINCE2® - Newest Version and Excellent for your CV
  • SQL Skills - without data querying your IT skillset is limited
  • .NET and C# - ideal development skills for the Cloud
  • CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer CTT+ - communication skills for every business
  • NEW Titles - Frequent Updates!

Welcome to our November 2017 Blogs

Here we aim to add further value to our services and in particular to provide you with:

  • Additional context to understand our wide range of training and certification
  • FREE content to help you succeed in your learning and examinations
  • News about particular training events and technical briefings

POST: PRINCE2® 2009 may STILL be Your Best Choice! - Act Now!

10 November 2017


PRINCE2® 2009 is Still Available - Achieve Practitioner NOW & Save Money and be Registered until 2022!

PRINCE2 2009 Sheffield
Updated 30/11/2017

PRINCE2® 2009 is still available until 31/12/2017.

PRINCE2 2009 is being replaced entirely by the 2017 version at the end of this year. If you've already studied towards 2009 or are in a team using it then it may be cheaper to sit the 2009 version. A bonus is that you'll be registered for FIVE years - until 2022!

The new version, PRINCE2 2017 is entirely compatible with the previous version and there is no requirement to update. The 2017 version has a three year validity period at the end of which you'll need to resit the Practitioner exam or maintain membership with AXELOS.

Example of PRINCE2® Success

Phil H. studied with us in Sheffield in November 2017 and completed his five day course, with minimal evening work and passed the Foundation and Practitioner levels at the first attempt.

Why should you still study for PRINCE2® 2009?


POST: Microsoft Certified Trainer MCT - How to Achieve MCT

8 November 2017


Microsoft Certified Trainer - Become a Premier Technical and Instructional Expert.

Microsoft Certified Technical Training MCT Training Course

Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT) are the premier technical and instructional experts in Microsoft technologies.

Book Now - Gain YOUR MCT!

Join this exclusive group of Microsoft technical training professionals and reap the benefits of MCT training certification and membership, including access to the complete library of official Microsoft training and certification products; substantial discounts on exams, books, and Microsoft products; readiness resources and access to a members-only online community; and invitations to exclusive events and programs.

Example of CTT+ Success

Mahdi B. travelled to Sheffield from Algiers and completed his three day course, passed the TK0-201 Computer Based Test and then completed his TK0-202 Video Submission all within a few working days. This, combined with his Microsoft certifications enables him to achieve MCT status.

Why should you become a Microsoft Certified Trainer?

Ninety-three percent of US companies say they are “not where they want to be” in terms of IT skills (CompTIA, State of the IT Skills Gap, February 2012).


POST: Adobe Certified Instructor ACI - How to Achieve Adobe ACI

7 November 2017


Adobe Certified Instructor - Spread the knowledge. Become an ACI.

Adobe ACI Training Course

If you're training or teaching Abobe products then the best qualification is to be certified by Adobe.

By becoming an Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI) you'll receive industry recognition and direct support from Adobe to make your classes successful. You'll have access to training materials, timely product updates and promotional materials.

What is the Requirement for ACI?

An Adobe Certified Instructor needs to be an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) with an instructor qualification - CompTIA's Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) is ideal.

Do I Have to be an ACE First?

You can attain the certifications in any order, CTT+ first or ACE first.

It may be most efficient to gain your CTT+ first from a course timing perspective. You don't need to have Adobe certifications to achieve your CTT+.

How Can TrainX Help?


POST: Gain a Project Management Qualification and Boost Your Career - FREE Briefing!

6 November 2017


Master Project Management - Salary Upturn*
FREE Training Session - Book YOUR Place NOW!

PRINCE2 Training London Sheffield Weekend

Below, we discuss the need for project management and related project roles. We also describe why achieving your project management qualification matters.

What's in the blog?

Project Management - What It is Not

Maybe you've watched with amusement/horror as the candidates on The Apprentice trample over each other while demonstrating their 'project management' skills. Often the result is a less than fit-for-purpose solution and the team resort to back-biting and recrimination.

Grand Designs almost always concludes with an amazing build though its rarely on time and on budget. Unlike in the real world, extra funding magically appears at the last minute.

Both shows make compelling viewing though neither meet the ideals of true project management. You'll know you can do better, even distinguish yourself.

Project Management - What It is and How to Become Qualified


POST: Achieve PRINCE2® Now! Highest UK Pass Rate with Learner-Friendly Options to Suit You!

5 November 2017


Achieve YOUR PRINCE2® Now! - Learner-Friendly Options Below!

Join 100,000's of Leading Edge Project Managers - Train with TrainX: Exceptional Pass Rate!

PRINCE2 Training London Sheffield Weekend

Project Management skills are in demand - banking, construction, healthcare, IT plus many other sectors can all benefit.

Key Benefits from Adopting PRINCE2®

  • Can be applied to any type of project within any industry sector
  • Widely recognized and understood - a common vocabulary for all involved in a project
  • The 'de facto' standard for project management - an excellent CV enhancer
  • Generic best practice method tailorable to the specific needs of all projects - including Agile delivery

PRINCE2® 2017 Refresh: What's New & How does it Affect You?

AXELOS have announced a refresh of PRINCE2. Below in the blog we cover the key points:

  • How much has PRINCE2 changed and what are the key updates?
  • Should I study PRINCE2 2009 or PRINCE2 2017?
  • I'm due to renew my registration - what should I do?
  • Has the exam format changed and are they harder?

Quick Comparison - PRINCE2® Training Providers - Weekday Event

ProviderClass Capacity / MakeupDurationPass RateList Price (Ex. VAT)
  • 10 Physical Classroom
  • 8 Weekend Classroom
  • 8 Pure Virtual Classroom
5 Days / Other formats100% Foundation / Excellent Practitioner£1095 - multiple offers available
  • 16 Physical Classroom
  • 16 combined Physical & Virtual
5 DaysNot on website£2141 - QA Website 13/03/2018

What's in the blog?


POST: AgilePM® UK's Fastest Growing Project Management Methodology

4 November 2017


Why AgilePM®? - Answers Below!

Join over 40,000 Leading Edge Project Managers - Train with TrainX: 100% Pass Rate!

AgilePM Training London Sheffield Weekend

Agile skills are in demand and are no longer just for IT projects - banking, construction, healthcare plus many other sectors can all benefit.

The flexibility and responsiveness in gaining real business value is attractive to start-ups and established organisations alike.

Key Benefits from Adopting Agile Practices

  • Fast Returns / Speed to Market
  • The Right Solution - On Time and On Budget
  • Customer Satisfaction due to Increased Collaboration

Quick Comparison - AgilePM® Foundation and Practitioner Providers

ProviderClass Capacity / MakeupDurationPass RateList Price (Ex. VAT)
  • 10 Physical Classroom
  • 8 Weekend Classroom
  • 8 Pure Virtual Classroom
4 Days100%From £1195 - offers available
  • 16 Physical Classroom
  • 16 combined Physical & Virtual
5 DaysNot on website£2430 - QA Website 8/11/2017
£2239 on 23/7/2016
8.5% rise (UK inflation 2.9%)

What's in the blog?


POST: TrainX's 'Attend from Anywhere' Online Training Environment

3 November 2017


TrainX 'Attend from Anywhere' - True Virtual Training and Certification!

Value-Focused, Requirements Driven Online Training

Introducing our newly extended virtual training with greatly increased bandwidth and system resources.

The technology utilised provides not just the ability to attend from anywhere but to achieve from anywhere. You're able to study in a true online and real-time learning environment and you're now also able to take your exams in your own office or home!

Quick Comparison - 'Attend from Anywhere' to 'Attend from Anywhere'

Training Provider / ProductTraining PlatformClass Size / MakeupHands-On Equipment
QA / 'Attend from Anywhere'Citrix GoToMeeting16 combined Physical & Virtual AttendeesQA Managed
TrainX / 'Attend from Anywhere'Citrix GoToMeeting or GoToTraining6 Attendees - Virtual OnlyCommercial UK Data Centre Hosted & Managed or Microsoft Hosted
Attend from Anywhere courses

What's in the blog?

  • Key Features of TrainX's Attend from Anywhere
  • Why Virtual Attendees Only?
  • Which courses are available

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